Humboldt State University

A Message from Humboldt State University

March 25, 2021

HSU’s Polytechnic Self-Study Update

Dear Campus Community,

We are enjoying the process of engaging with your representatives serving on working groups to conduct the polytechnic self-study. Thank you to the many staff, faculty, administrators, and students supporting this work. Thank you all for the broad interest and determination to put our best collective foot forward.

It is clear from the process so far that what we will send to the California State University Chancellor’s Office and ultimately, to the Board of Trustees next fall, will be a clear and thorough depiction of how we will build a 21st-century comprehensive polytechnic on the foundation of our existing strengths across all curricular areas, our commitments to environmental sustainability and social justice, and the richness of our location. As a Hispanic Serving Institution/Minority Serving Institution, as the leaders for Native American Studies in the CSU, and through the generosity of our local tribal partners, we will also propose a polytechnic university that centers community wisdom and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Right now we are working on the first full update to the Chancellor’s Office on how we are approaching our self-study document. It is organized around the themes corresponding to the working groups. These themes represent the information requested by the Chancellor’s Office who determined the elements of the self-study.

Academic Programs
Business Plan
Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships and Role of the Liberal Arts
External Partnerships
Inclusive Student Success
University Name

Each group is mapping and describing our existing strengths and identifying opportunities and needs of a comprehensive polytechnic. If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to provide to a group, please click on the group name above for that opportunity.

In addition, the working groups focused on the academic aspects of this self-study will be inviting you to engage with their analysis and reporting in an open meeting. More information is forthcoming about the date and time for their open session.

The student success group will also be tapping into student perspectives and more information on that opportunity for student feedback is forthcoming.

Working group leaders will continue to present updates at University Senate meetings through the rest of the academic year. We will provide updates to the Staff Council and at the monthly meeting of support staff from across campus. We will release another update to campus following the next round of feedback from the Chancellor’s Office. And we will continue to post updates on

We are reminded through this collaborative work of discovery of what an amazing place HSU is. Thank you for making it so.


Jenn Capps
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lisa Bond-Maupin
Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President