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September 2020

From One Parent to Another

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For this newsletter, Forever Humboldt Families spoke with Wade, the father of a Humboldt State Wildlife Biology sophomore, who shared some reflections, stories, and advice for the families of other students.

Wade’s daughter decided to stay at her family’s home in San Diego this semester, as none of her courses offered face-to-face instruction. But, he says, she misses Humboldt State and is planning to return in the Spring.

Now that you have a year under your belt, what advice would you give to parents of a first-year student?

You’ve got to trust your kid. I was comfortable that Humboldt State takes care of its students. Your kids will reach out to you if they need help, and if they’re not reaching out, it’s probably because they're doing just fine. Give them the room to grow.

My daughter switched majors her first year. A good discussion to have early on with your student is: remembering the goal. The first year is for exploring the different classes, talking to people, and finding out what interests you. Advice given to me by a professor was: study and major in the thing you like to do, because if you like it you’ll do well in it.

What were any highlights of last year?

One highlight was seeing how well she did in school. Like most kids, she was nervous about college classes, so it was awesome to see her reaction to doing well. It was also cool to see her join a sorority. College is a great opportunity to explore. Join clubs, meet people—it’s not completely about classes. It was exciting to see her grow like that and see how much fun she had and friends she made.

What kind of concerns did you have coming into this semester, and how were you and your family able to address those?

The biggest concern was the uncertainty about everything. My daughter finished the Spring semester at Humboldt, but we had a lot of questions over the summer. Should we go up there? Is there room available? Should you, can you? Now that we’re in the semester, the biggest concern is the courses she’s taking, how effective can they be online? That’s the hardest challenge this year. I’m dealing with it by being supportive, helping when I can, and trying not to get too involved in the details.

What did you feel more comfortable about going into the second year?

The maturation I’ve seen and the friends she’s made. That wasn’t a tremendous worry for me the first year, but I’m certainly not concerned about that any more. I was super glad for her cohort group Among Giants [a learning community for biology students], it helped her to get a jumpstart on academic habits.

What’s been the best way for you to stay in touch with your daughter while she’s in school?

College is so much different than when I was her age. I told her “hey, it doesn't matter the time of day or night, you can call me, you can text.” And you have to be ready for that kind of thing. One time she called me around midnight and I thought “Oh my goodness.” It turns out she’d forgotten to cancel a free trial for a streaming service and was worried I’d be mad, which I wasn’t. So it was funny in the end. They’re adults, but not quite. To you, something may not be a big deal, but to them it's the end of the world.

And we tried to make talking pretty routine—for us, midday Sunday we’d try to give a call and chat. Some kind of routine is helpful—so your student knows to try and be available at certain times, and you don’t get concerned about them.

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College is an opportunity for learning—new concepts, with new people, in new ways. And that’s not limited to the students. We encourage you to learn alongside your student with our free online class, Humboldt Families 101.

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